Start with why, not what

Cal Newport has a great take on the Apple Watch and its role in your life. He believes that people work backwards. Instead of  what they need, they’re more concerned about what’s hot. Here are two bits of inspiration from his post.

…once you start letting other people tell you how to invest your limited time and attention, you’re almost certainly going to stray from the things you find most important.

Decide what matters to you; seek out the tools that most directly and obviously help you accomplish these things; then get down to work.

Cal Newport

Being a full-stack employee

…the full-stack employee has a powerful combination of skills that make them incredibly valuable. They are adept at navigating the rapidly evolving and shifting technological landscape. They make intuitive decisions amidst information-abundance, where sparse facts mingle loosely with data-drenched opinions. Full stack employees are capable of speaking design lingo, know that using Comic Sans is criminal, and are adept at making mocks in Keynote, Sketch, or Skitch (if it comes to that). And they know the difference between UI and UX.


Nuno Silva - UnSplashd

What did you do in the summers during college and high school?

A former executive at the National Geographic Channel, A&E and Animal Planet says that he’s learned more about a candidate from one single question than any resume will tell him.

He asks early in the interview: What did you do in the summers during college and high school? Here’s why:

As a boss, I realize that summer jobs don’t have to be gritty or humbling to make an impact. But for those summers, my janitorial job taught me the basics of all employment: You have to show up every day, and on time. You have to appreciate everyone who works around you. You should acknowledge — and learn to deal with — the pecking order in the working world. You have to exert yourself in ways you may not have learned in school. And you often have to do things that have nothing — and everything — to do with your career and your life ahead.

In high school and college I detasseled corn (by hand), cut grass, had a paper route and worked at a local miniature golf course. And yes, I’ve cleaned my fair share of toilets.