Podcasts I’m listening to right now

These shows are burning up my ear holes.

  • On Being – Big questions on meaning with scientists, theologians, teachers and artists.
  • Back to Work – Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discuss being productive, work, and tools with the state of mind of an older and wiser man.
  • The Accidental Creative – How to build practical, everyday practices in a create on-demand world.
  • Planet Money – Making sense of our economy in an easy to understand and digest story format.
  • Mortified – Adults sharing embarrassing diaries and letters they created as kids.
  • 99% Invisible – Like Planet Money, but for design and architecture.
  • Startup – A podcast about creating a podcasting company (it’s getting deep in here). Season 2 debuts soon.
  • New Tech City – The human side of technology.

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