See Twitter follower demographics, interests and behaviors with Audience Insights

Twitter unveiled Audience Insights last week. The new tool can help marketers better understand the audience interacting with them on the social network. The Audience Insights dashboard provides information about a variety of characteristics, categorized by demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, mobile use and TV viewing behavior.

Audience Insights are available to any advertisers or analytics users. To access your information go to and click on Followers. 

Analytics and Attribution via Google Insights

The case for using analytics and attribution

Analytics alone do not tell the full story of your customers. To make the most of mounds of data, you need to combine analytics with attribution.

Analytics help you understand your customers’ engagement points. Attribution tracks the value of each touchpoint (that lead to a desired outcome).

By combining both analytics and attribution, you can establish a universal measurement plan that better manages your marketing mix/spend and motivates your audience to the places where they convert.

At a high level, customer analytics provide an understanding of your customers’ experience—primarily across sites, apps, and other customer engagement points (call centers, for instance).  These insights can then be used to inform targeting, marketing, and product decisions. Although these insights are critical, customer analytics alone do not tell the full story.

Brands using more than one or two channels to reach their target markets may be missing vital details about the many touchpoints across the full customer journey and throughout their marketing mix. Data-driven attribution tracks and values all touchpoints that lead to a desired outcome (regardless of whether the customer ended up on a brand’s website).

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