Mary Meeker: Hey online advertisers, get with the program!

Regarding the ineffectiveness of online advertising: I’m sure Mary feels like a broken record at this point. Users are annoyed with the current state of online advertising and they have a right to be. There are ways to make them better (i.e. being more authentic, entertaining, useful, non-interruptive and viewer controlled), it’s just that advertisers don’t care or aren’t willing to make the change.

Quartz has outlined highlights from the presentation. I think the video does a better job, but if you’re interested in diving into all 213 slides, here’s the link.

Target brings native advertising to the Grammys

Did you see what Target pulled off on Grammy night? In a nutshell, they pooled eight 30-second media buys (at a cost of $8 million) to air a four-minute live Imagine Dragons performance. Instead of the same tired tv spot, they delivered unique and unexpected content to the viewer in real-time.

The video promoting Imagine Dragons’ upcoming album, Smoke and Mirrors was teased on twitter and Snapchat prior. The exclusive deluxe Target version (I guess people still buy those) of the album features four exclusive songs.