The Hollywood model and what it means for your career

The marketer’s CMO, Dana Anderson, wrote in the Wall Street Journal last year that AORs (agency of record) are “no longer the pathway to Oz for clients or agencies.” She said that digital has “created thousands of new mediums,” so “it is just not possible for one agency to be expert in all these areas.”

…creative agencies were once viewed as the “custodian” for brands. But that notion is getting “circumnavigated” by the “two-way conversation” occurring on social media directly between brands and consumers


Work is making a grand shift towards the Hollywood model. In the not too distant future you’ll see ad hoc teams assembled of different people with parallel skills carrying out large and elaborate problems. They’ll work together for as long as is needed to complete the task then dissolve.

The Hollywood model is far more adaptable for today’s business world. Employees that are proven, reliable and have highly-sought-­after skills will have leverage. Those that don’t have marketable skills will be forced to compete against the robots.

How do you make sure you’re one of the first picked in this new economy? Be curious. Remain teachable. Educate yourself (and not necessarily through a traditional college). Develop your soft skills and communicate clearly. Flex your creative muscles.